Phantom Scaffolding Pty Ltd is a customer focused, Australian owned company. Offering local service since 1996 in the provision of specialist contracting services.

Mr Walter Carder, a well-respected and Advanced Rigger and Scaffolder in Sydney area established Phantom Scaffolding. After having worked at TAFE as a Scaffolding Technicality Teacher and worked for some of the largest building companies as a sub-contractor for many years he became well recognised for his unique talents for building specialized scaffolds.

The culture of our workplace comes from Walter’s happy nature, where everyone is treated like family. Our staff feel comfortable performing their roles, whilst knowing and following the rules whether onsite or offsite.

A brief history

In 1995, Walter and his family decided to form a company, Phantom Scaffolding Pty Ltd, which his children named because Walter enjoyed, The Phantom comics. Also some of his clients thought Phantom Scaffolding was an appropriate name because the scaffold would appear in one day then it was gone. Clients would say “when did that happen!!!” Just like the Phantom Ghost.

The company has grown from strength to strength taking on the more complex scaffolding work in the Sydney area. The culture of the company is that of safety, where all staff fully understand the need to work in a safe environment. Walter and his team has grown the business, taking on complex scaffolding jobs, which includes working through the night to satisfy their client’s requirements. Many of Phantom Scaffolding’s clients recognise Walter’s problem solving, ‘can do’, attitude that Walter has demonstrated. Walter passes on his knowledge and skills to staff during every task, which furthers their knowledge and understanding not only of the scaffolding industry but also in the manner, which is expected by Walter and Phantom Scaffolding.

Our ‘on hand’ stock allows Phantom Scaffolding to build any unique type of scaffold required. Our work force of 10+ scaffolders, 1 Supervisor, 2 Project Managers, 3 Office Staff, 2 Leading Hands, & 1 Yard Manager.

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